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It’s been a while since I last posted!

  • Debris recovery from Munar orbit
  • Tourist flyby of Minmus, and a Munar landing
  • Landing Jeb on Minmus

The Minmus expeditions were particularly pleasing, as I gained around 1300 science – not bad for one Kerbal and minimal equipment! I’m still flying Optimistic-based vessels, so 10t payloads are the order of the day.

I’m planning on attempting to send something to Duna, as there is a good launch window coming up in the near future – I’ll be using an Optimistic 1, possibly with a ‘nuke as the interplanetary stage. The plan is to send at least a probe onto the surface, and either keep another in orbit, or return – depending on how much fuel I have left. I may be able to send more than one probe, which would be fun (Ike, anyone?).

Exercising the CLAW(tm)...

Yet another recovery, this time with a return planned for the debris!


Safe and sound!


A Minmus-bound rover


On Minmus! (looking top heavy…)


Tourist flyby of Minmus


Another Munar trip


Landing on Minmus!


Jeb looks pleased… he probably enjoyed the low gravity


Heading home


Happy new year!

Happy new year!

I’ve spent some more time playing KSP, so I thought that I would share my progress.

First, I flew some general crew-roster missions; I needed a scientist back on Kerbin!

Also, with my very fishy space station

A docked Hopeful 1

But no heating, strangely?

Re-entry effects are back!

Then I took Jeb and a plane for a stroll.

Note the new cockpit on the plane!

Exploring the abandoned airfield.

Next up was a mission to put a base on the Mun, capable of holding 5 Kerbals. Needless to say, I only sent one (Valentina), who is still stuck on the Mun…

Note the ... interesting ... configuration!

Heading to the Mun!

A short (1h) stroll from Valentina's landing spot.

Note the arch!

And planted a flag :D


A particularly productive mission, as Valentina jetted into the nearby crater. However, the contract was not fulfilled; apparently, landed on the Mun is not ‘near’ the Mun 😦

I then sent Oblas up on a science-gathering mission, which was quite successful.

Note the stuck fairing...

Another Munar mission, this time a return trip…

I was happy that my ship proved quite stable!

Oblas, on a slope


Returning to home!


Landed back on Kerbin 😀

More Moon missions

I’ve flown some more moon missions!

Visiting both the Mun and Minmus 😀

The Mun visit was to recover a Kerbal, and practice landings…

Minmus was with a leftover probe, which touched down, then fell over 😦

Note to my future self: Land on the ice patches, not in a valley!


Rescue mission!


Waiting patiently


Heading for the ship!


Where is the ladder?


Smile for the camera 😀


Back home!








Touchdown is imminent

Space stations, rovers, and rescues

I’ve been reasonably busy of late, so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to spend on KSP – on the other hand, I’ve also (somehow!) managed to get a lot done!

  • Jool-bound probe (test mission)
  • Put a couple of scientists in Munar orbit, for the duration… although I think I could get them back, if needed.
  • Flew a couple more recovery missions
  • Landed another probe on the Mun
  • Landed a probe and rover on the Mun (not quite as I intended…)
  • Put a “space station” into Kerbin orbit
  • Docked with said space station
  • Recovered a Kerbal from Munar orbit, and flew a couple of tourists by the Mun at the same time
Actually an experimental 10t payload; Jool just happened to be in about the right place

Jool bound probe

With two scientists!

Munar science outpost, orbiting the Mun

Munar bound!

Hopeful 1, heading into orbit

Heading to the Mun!

With a mystery payload…

Quite a way up, still...

Rover in Munar orbit

Before a series of... mishaps... which involved the loss of the monoprop tanks!

Rovering on the Mun!

And a docked

A space station!

Also to rescue a stuck astronaut...

A tourist vessel, Munar bound!

It’s time for another photo dump!

This is what I’ve been up to since I last posted:


Yet another tourism/crew training flight…

Although I don't think I could de-orbit his vessel...

I recovered a stuck scientist from orbit!

More plane experiments!

More plane experiments!

A semi-successful munar landing...

A semi-successful munar landing…

More plane flights with my new and improved plane...

More plane flights with my new and improved plane…

Some more rovering ensued as well!

Some more rovering ensued as well!

He survived...

I found a slide!

I found that I could go rather high with the new engines :D

I found that I could go rather high with the new engines 😀

I now have one extremely overpowered plane!

I now have one extremely overpowered plane!

Manned munar mission


Using a Kerballed version of my White Rock 2 rocket, pioneered in this post, I’ve managed to place Hallas Kerman on the Mun.


Note the streamlined, if heavier, body...

Hallas underway!

Note the streamlined rocket design… which did get an unmanned test flight first.

"High above the world..."

Hallas looks rightly nervous…

EVAs have gone badly before…

The Mun is getting bigger

The Mun is getting bigger

He's a smart one!

Looking very nervous…

Well... there's good reason to be nervous, really, given my prior space walks!

No reason to be nervous… look, the vessel is right next to you!

Mine, too!

Hallas’s view


Luckily, Hallas remembered to pack a ladder

One (large, gulp!) leap for Kerbal kind…

Due to an economy drive, only two lights were present…

He looks much happier now, doesn't he?

He looks much happier now, doesn’t he?

Well, why not?

A flag!

My, what a big rock...

My, what a big rock…

It was a much longer walk than I intended… although I discovered that Kerbals could fly on the Mun, if I carefully used their EVA suits…


Two orbits later...

Two orbits later…

The ejection sequence is not perfect yet, but I’m not quite sure what hits what, and when…

Another re-entry shot

Another re-entry shot

I did a pair of aerobraking orbits before landing, just to make sure that re-entry wasn’t too exciting.


Safe and sound!

Back at home!

Optimised White Rock 1 design breaks records… of successful Munar missions

Well, I’ve spent some time resting of late, due to health problems. Which means that I’ve played a lot of KSP, as well as 0ad, which might feature in a future blog post.

I’ve been working to achieve the eventual goal of a Kerballed (manned) munar mission. I was disappointed by my progress – both of my more recent efforts using my White Rock 1 rocket failed, due to the rocket tipping over on landing, even though the surface was mostly even. As a response to that, I tweaked my rocket, resulting in a slightly heavier, slightly more powerful, design:

On a pillar of smoke...

White Rock 2, shortly after takeoff

Basically, it is the same as the old design, but swaps the older, vertical lander, for a design which is more compact and, importantly, broader:

Short and squat..

White Rock 2 lander, orbiting the Mun

This means that it is less prone to tipping over!


Since then, I’ve completed several Munar missions!


A Munar landing!

There was also some spectacular re-entry visuals, since I’m using slightly more modern hardware that can cope… which might feature in a later blog post.

Thin legs...

A slightly modified White Rock 2 lander, on another patch of the Mun

Pretty flames...

A near miss