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Pronounced Dead

The iMac has finally been declared dead. I’ve donated the motherboard, the hard drive now lives in my grandmother’s computer, and the aluminum frame has been sold to a scrap metal merchant – only the power supply lives on (which is another story altogether).

It was not unexpected; I had already mentioned my possible plans for it. It seems like a good use for the parts… better than throwing them in the bin, anyway.


A break

I’ve been having a break from KSP, simply because I’ve been doing other things; namely, working on the Toshiba Project, and playing around with an old Palm Pilot VIIx.

Not much really…

I probably won’t be playing any KSP for the next couple of weeks, at least. Hopefully I use that time wisely, and either make progress on the Toshiba Project (HDD investigations at the moment) or with the Palm Pilot. If I do something really exciting, I might even share about it here! 😀

More Moon missions

I’ve flown some more moon missions!

Visiting both the Mun and Minmus 😀

The Mun visit was to recover a Kerbal, and practice landings…

Minmus was with a leftover probe, which touched down, then fell over 😦

Note to my future self: Land on the ice patches, not in a valley!


Rescue mission!


Waiting patiently


Heading for the ship!


Where is the ladder?


Smile for the camera 😀


Back home!








Touchdown is imminent

Space stations, rovers, and rescues

I’ve been reasonably busy of late, so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to spend on KSP – on the other hand, I’ve also (somehow!) managed to get a lot done!

  • Jool-bound probe (test mission)
  • Put a couple of scientists in Munar orbit, for the duration… although I think I could get them back, if needed.
  • Flew a couple more recovery missions
  • Landed another probe on the Mun
  • Landed a probe and rover on the Mun (not quite as I intended…)
  • Put a “space station” into Kerbin orbit
  • Docked with said space station
  • Recovered a Kerbal from Munar orbit, and flew a couple of tourists by the Mun at the same time
Actually an experimental 10t payload; Jool just happened to be in about the right place

Jool bound probe

With two scientists!

Munar science outpost, orbiting the Mun

Munar bound!

Hopeful 1, heading into orbit

Heading to the Mun!

With a mystery payload…

Quite a way up, still...

Rover in Munar orbit

Before a series of... mishaps... which involved the loss of the monoprop tanks!

Rovering on the Mun!

And a docked

A space station!

Also to rescue a stuck astronaut...

A tourist vessel, Munar bound!

It’s time for another photo dump!

This is what I’ve been up to since I last posted:


Yet another tourism/crew training flight…

Although I don't think I could de-orbit his vessel...

I recovered a stuck scientist from orbit!

More plane experiments!

More plane experiments!

A semi-successful munar landing...

A semi-successful munar landing…

More plane flights with my new and improved plane...

More plane flights with my new and improved plane…

Some more rovering ensued as well!

Some more rovering ensued as well!

He survived...

I found a slide!

I found that I could go rather high with the new engines :D

I found that I could go rather high with the new engines 😀

I now have one extremely overpowered plane!

I now have one extremely overpowered plane!

A very plane update…

Although it looks strangely familiar :)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this…

I’m back to playing KSP! 😀

It’s been a while, but since I set up my machine specifically for KSP, it seemed a waste not to use it. Although it’s still very much in need of some love, aka some proper controls

I’ve mostly been doing fairly standard tasks – flying tourists, testing parts, and taking temperature measurements in my plane. Highlights include doing an orbit mission which ended at the south pole, and having a bit of fun with a rover…

I like the new flame effects :D

Look out below!

screenshot17 screenshot29

This wasn't the easiest bit of flying I've done so far...

Landing at the south pole!

Although only on Kerbin?

I can place flags now!

That's a *big* crater...

Heading out on another flight.

Which I later crashed...

My rover!

My rover (mostly) survived...

Note to self: don’t try jumping off the end of the ramp…

That made a mess...


Note the additional parachute being tested!

Another tourist flight…

Luckily they are well away from the rocket!

This is the ejected boosters colliding.

Note that there's room for a tourist as well!

My new, extra fragile crew carrier

Backups for KSP in Debian

As part of the Acer Project, I’ve added a simple backup scheme based on rsnapshot and an external 1GB HDD. It pretty much involved uncommenting some lines in a cron job, and adjusting some lines in rsnapshot’s config…

As part of this, I discovered that one of my SD cards – an older 512MB card – is borked. As in, mkfs.ext4 doesn’t work because it encounters “short writes” and other such errors. I’ve no idea what that actually means, apart from the fact that a patch of the SD card is shot, but it probably needs to be thrown out…

I’ve also synced up my KSP project, so I’ll now be able to play KSP! What I’m not quite sure about is how I’ll get the screenshots off the Acer, since it’s “air walled” from the network, due to it no longer having a network card…