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More Moon missions

I’ve flown some more moon missions!

Visiting both the Mun and Minmus 😀

The Mun visit was to recover a Kerbal, and practice landings…

Minmus was with a leftover probe, which touched down, then fell over 😦

Note to my future self: Land on the ice patches, not in a valley!


Rescue mission!


Waiting patiently


Heading for the ship!


Where is the ladder?


Smile for the camera 😀


Back home!








Touchdown is imminent


Space stations, rovers, and rescues

I’ve been reasonably busy of late, so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to spend on KSP – on the other hand, I’ve also (somehow!) managed to get a lot done!

  • Jool-bound probe (test mission)
  • Put a couple of scientists in Munar orbit, for the duration… although I think I could get them back, if needed.
  • Flew a couple more recovery missions
  • Landed another probe on the Mun
  • Landed a probe and rover on the Mun (not quite as I intended…)
  • Put a “space station” into Kerbin orbit
  • Docked with said space station
  • Recovered a Kerbal from Munar orbit, and flew a couple of tourists by the Mun at the same time
Actually an experimental 10t payload; Jool just happened to be in about the right place

Jool bound probe

With two scientists!

Munar science outpost, orbiting the Mun

Munar bound!

Hopeful 1, heading into orbit

Heading to the Mun!

With a mystery payload…

Quite a way up, still...

Rover in Munar orbit

Before a series of... mishaps... which involved the loss of the monoprop tanks!

Rovering on the Mun!

And a docked

A space station!

Also to rescue a stuck astronaut...

A tourist vessel, Munar bound!

A very plane update…

Although it looks strangely familiar :)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this…

I’m back to playing KSP! 😀

It’s been a while, but since I set up my machine specifically for KSP, it seemed a waste not to use it. Although it’s still very much in need of some love, aka some proper controls

I’ve mostly been doing fairly standard tasks – flying tourists, testing parts, and taking temperature measurements in my plane. Highlights include doing an orbit mission which ended at the south pole, and having a bit of fun with a rover…

I like the new flame effects :D

Look out below!

screenshot17 screenshot29

This wasn't the easiest bit of flying I've done so far...

Landing at the south pole!

Although only on Kerbin?

I can place flags now!

That's a *big* crater...

Heading out on another flight.

Which I later crashed...

My rover!

My rover (mostly) survived...

Note to self: don’t try jumping off the end of the ramp…

That made a mess...


Note the additional parachute being tested!

Another tourist flight…

Luckily they are well away from the rocket!

This is the ejected boosters colliding.

Note that there's room for a tourist as well!

My new, extra fragile crew carrier

I… need… better… avionics…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been flying Jeb around in a plane, taking samples.

Up, up, and away...

This thing does have a decent rate of climb, no?

My plane is fun to fly; really stable (although it does gently nose-down without SAS), and fast. It’s ceiling is around 12000m, sadly, since I’d like to fly it up to higher altitudes to help me make temperature measurements! I can even time warp to 4x and leave it, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be fine… provided I don’t fly it into a mountain.

I’d like to make it able to fly higher; for that I think I’ll need to add extensions to the wings.

It’s proved invaluable so far, with several science-gathering expeditions, and a few just for fun. Also, I used it as a rover to trundle over to a ‘zone’, which was tiny – I’m not sure how I would have ever managed to land a rocket on it! I still don’t know how I’m going to get the other ones…

Some tourist photos:

What a nice view...

Don’t fall off!

It's a long way down...

What a nice view!

Plenty of room, too!



KSP 1.0

And I return to KSP! Albeit only for a look at the latest release…

Now how do I get down?

Climbing is fun, at least until you fall off!

They’ve added a lot. And tweaked quite a few things. Flying planes is now much more fun, and less buggy. It’s possible to burn up a spacecraft on re-entry (not only possible, but easy!). Female Kerbals. That’s probably all that I’ve encountered! Oh yes – and tourists 🙂

At least they survived :)

Tourism is a growing business!

I’ve launched a new game – in KSP, that is – to take advantage of the new features. It’s also so I don’t have to worry about how my various space craft were going to get back through the atmosphere without burning up!

Progress has been slow – I haven’t orbited yet. However, I’ve been taking tourists on various flights, which has proved to be quite entertaining 🙂

I’ve had fun flying a space plane around, too – more details in a future post! It’s been flying around doing science, which is proving to be cheap, although taking off is sometimes more difficult than you would imagine 😦

Nope; I'll need to improve my astronaut's training first.

A cactus! I wonder whether I can take a sample?

We need more Funding!

Since the launch of First Contract (KSP 0.24), I have intended to start a new KSP game, using the new revamped Career mode.

Career in KSP now includes Funds, Contracts, and good old Science. Funds are generated by completing contracts, and recovering bits from vessels that landed successfully. Contracts are taken at the Mission Control building, the small building almost hidden behind the VAB in the Space Center screen.


First mission:

Jeb should be scared...

First launch in the Career game

The first contracts are, by default, to reach 5000m and to launch a rocket, both of which are easily achieved using an RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster. Jeb should be very afraid…

An important step is to double check that the staging is correct – when my brother first did this, his rocket had the parachute launch when the engine was engaged! Forewarned is forearmed… Luckily for his Jebediah, he was using a liquid fuel engine which can be disengaged. For me, the stakes were much higher, as solid fuel boosters stay on when engaged.

Second mission:

The aims for the second mission were to try to test a few bits and pieces, and to try to reach both 10,000 & 70,000m.

Descending at high speed...

Descending at high speed…

My attempts to launch the parachutes at the correct time (to test them) was thwarted – I launched them prematurely. On the other hand, 70,000m was achieved, and much science and money poured in. Jeb looks quite happy to be dropping at ~800m/s!

Third mission:

The third mission was to test the radial decoupler and LV-909 rocket engine.

Actually called a Karma 2...

Grasshopper 1, ready for lift off.

The aim of the flight was to take Jeb on a short hop to the flag pole, where he could fall out and take some samples. Mission accomplished! I also tested out the Mystery Goo containers and Science Jr.

Fourth mission:

The fourth mission’s goals were to test the Sepratron 1 and the Mk2-R radial mount parachute. I also used a probe instead of Jeb – why risk astronauts on simple test missions?

A pretty boring mission, but good practice to test my testing technique. I should also consider recording how much dV is required to reach each altitude…

Mk2-R parachutes to the rescue!

Mk2-R parachutes to the rescue!