White Rock

The ‘White Rock’ series of rocket ships are my first Mun capable ships – they can land on and return from the Mun.

They perhaps should have been named ‘Grey Rock’ or perhaps ‘White Rocket’…

White Rock 1

White Rock 1 is my first design that is Mun capable. It is a simple, three stage rocket, with ~10000dV. It is unmanned.

Ignition in 5... 4...

My Mun capable rocket, ready to launch

I managed to land with the help of some math – eventually:

Note the LV-909...

My first Mun landing!

See my post Munar Mission – White Rock 1 for more information.


White Rock 2

This ended up as an evolved version, with a better lander:

On a pillar of smoke...

White Rock 2, shortly after takeoff

The new lander:

Thin legs...

A slightly modified White Rock 2 lander, on another patch of the Mun

It’s mentioned in this post.


Greywacke 1

Greywacke 1 is the kerballed version of my White Rock 2 design.

Note the streamlined, if heavier, body...

Hallas underway!

As detailed in this post, I used it for the first successful kerballed Munar mission.