Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a game about green men with big heads.

For a one line summary, the above is fairly accurate. On the other hand, KSP is so much more than that:

  • Rockets
  • Spaceplanes (and normal planes)
  • Rovers
  • Exploring remote planets
  • Easter eggs 😉

KSP lets you design and build space-themed creations, and fly them around the Kerbal universe.

No landing gear...

One of my early space plane designs under construction in the SPH

KSP comes with three modes (as of 1.0.4):

  • Sandbox
  • Science
  • Career

My first post gives an overview of the differences between modes.

I’ve currently (as of 27-1-2015) got a pair of games going, an older Science only game, and a brand new Career mode game. Which I have yet to post on.

One of the strong points of KSP is the quantity and quality of mods available, adding everything from autopilot to life support. Mods can be found in multiple places, but the best place to look (in my opinion) is on Curse or in the KSP forums.

I used to run KSP on my PC, but now I run it on the Acer. I’ve even created a project to update with my progress on setting up the Acer as a dedicated KSP machine!