PC (zechariah)


‘zechariah’ is an ex-business HP DX2810 SFF (Small Form Factor) PC, and is my current main machine. I use it for everything, including writing this blog :).

‘zechariah’ was a good computer back in 2009, when it was first introduced. Powered by a 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo, it handles most tasks with ease. It’s the most powerful computer I have, which is appreciated when I compile biggish packages of software. However, it does not include Intel’s vt-x extensions, which are required for hardware acceleration of virtual machines :(. Although I hope that I do not need very many virtual machines – I already have too many real machines!

‘zechariah’ came with 2GB of RAM, which I upgraded for $20 NZ to 4GB. Now I can run KSP and a web browser (with ~15 tabs open) at once – with a QEMU Virtual Machine running in the background taking another 1GB of RAM. Worth the $20? Maybe; I do not really need that much, but hopefully it will prove a sound investment in the future.

The GPU – an Intel X4500HD GMA – is the only “pathetic” thing in ‘zechariah’. Although good enough for most tasks, it struggles with KSP, giving me a few FPS in polygon intensive areas, like around the KSC and in areas with lots of ground scatter. However, it can render using medium quality textures because it relies on the main memory instead of having dedicated graphics ram. This is another component that I would like to upgrade, however graphics cards are fairly expensive. I would also like a dual-screen setup, as the two monitors I own are both small, but two would still be better than a single monitor.

The hard drive is a massive 320GB, more than enough for my needs. I have a 52GB Arch Linux partition on it for now.



  • Playing a few games
  • Web browsing with a ‘modern’ browser
  • Coding 😉
  • Acting as a distributed compiling node

At the moment I do not have any big packages to compile, but if my plan for the Toshiba works out, then I will need more than just the iMac for the larger packages such as gcc-libs.



  • 4GB RAM
  • Core 2 Duo @ 2.8Ghz
  • Intel X4500 GMA GPU (onboard)
  • 320GB WD HDD