iMac (aaron)


EDIT: The iMac has finally been declared dead… but some parts still live on, in various places.

The iMac is a reasonably recent addition to my computers. Originally an early 2006 iMac, it now features a dead display (vertical bands blocking almost all of the screen), and a dead CD drive. It used to run OS X 10.5, but in a fit of enthusiasm I chucked that to make way for Arch Linux – ensuring that I really was stuck with what I have got. As of yesterday (26-7-2014), it now runs Arch Linux (i686), using a MBR hard drive.

EDIT: Well, that might not be strictly true. I’ve discovered that most laptop CD-ROM drives have the same connection, so I might be able to retro-fit it with a slot-loading drive.


The aim for the iMac is to provide a server for compiling software, including for the Toshiba, and to provide a platform for virtual machines.

I am planning to build a custom (wooden) case to hold the innards, as the iMac as is took up too much space. Watch this space…


Unlike my PC, the iMac’s Core Duo supports the vt-x extensions required to run virtual machines, so I should be able to run virtual machines on it at near native speeds, for tasks such as compiling. On the other side of the coin, the CPU does not support 64bit – which limits it to i686 Arch Linux. This means that all my computers have different CPU architectures but the same base system…

The RAM has been upgraded from 512MB to 2GB. I tried 4GB, but it refused to boot, so it ‘only’ has 2GB for now.

  • Core Duo @ 1.83Ghz
  • 2GB DDR2 laptop RAM
  • 250GB HDD
  • Arch Linux booting using Syslinux off a MBR disk
  • Hopefully, a custom case