I have a variety of hardware at home for playing around with – most of which is currently running different versions of Arch Linux.

I like hardware; especially older hardware. Newer hardware is both boring, overpowered, and expensive. Older hardware is cheap, upgradeable for a small cost, and freely available. It can also be retro – but only with really old hardware. The Toshiba is almost retro, that is, it is almost completely unusable 😉

The idea of collecting all this hardware is that each item serves some purpose:

  • The Pi is an excellent always on server – although it may be repurposed
  • The PC is good for playing games on and general use
  • The iMac should make a good, quiet headless server for heavy duty jobs
  • The Toshiba should make a good laptop, once I get it going with a modern OS and all of my tools
  • The Acer is being repurposed as a KSP console

Note that some of the devices don’t really have a purpose…

Of course, I have several other electronic devices:

  • Cheap smartphone
  • Kindle
  • Palm Pilot VII
  • Camera

The Kindle is defunct (I very rarely use it) and the smartphone is basically playing the role of a more syncable PDA, to replace what I used to use: Dad’s PalmPilot VII. The PalmPilot used rechargeable batteries, and was big and heavy. The phone is small and lightweight. Sadly, the phone wins. I may yet go back to using the PalmPilot – maybe – but most likely only if I get bored.

Meanwhile, I also occasionally get my hands on hardware that doesn’t fit – that I don’t have a purpose for, or is completely borked – that nobody else wants. Like these:

All of them have gone back to their original owners.