Hopeful 1, and more…

by hobbitalastair

This is pretty much a photo dump from my latest KSP efforts.

I started off doing some more rovering.

It seems to be all over the map...

Tundra? I can almost see the KSC from here!

It appears that there’s Tundra near the shore occasionally!

I also flew some more flights:

In this case, from the jettisoned boosters

Explosions are good 😀

Or an astronaut-in-training

Enough room for two tourists

(Don't roll!)

Although there are a few risks…

Sometimes it goes a bit more smoothly

Sometimes it goes a bit more smoothly

And designed and built a 3t payload orbiter, the Hopeful 1.

3t payload orbiter...

Introducing the Hopeful 1

In this case, a *rather* large engine

Some strange payloads…

Proof of orbit

Proof of orbit

I sent a couple of probes off into the unknown… they might yet be destined for greater things (fingers crossed) like Duna visits, depending on how well I fly them, although one will probably be landed on the Mun. The first didn’t have any science equipment, though, so it’s a bit of an experiment.

A munar flyby!

A munar flyby!

I learnt how to do intercepts, and recovered Oblas Kerman from a low Kerbin orbit:

He's in the *other* command pod...

Oblas is almost recovered

It's been a long, long time...

Oblas on his way back to Kerbin

And did some more tourists flights in my bulk kerbal carrier, although I’m also using it for crew training:

Hitchhikers *not* allowed!

Hopeful 1b, kerbal carrier

In space

In space

There's room for more...


To break things up a bit, I did some more flights in my trusty basic ‘plane…

Jeb is happy to be alive again... that was *not* an easy landing

Jeb is happy to be alive… that was *not* an easy landing!

… and some more in my not-so-trusty Lifter 1.

This plane is a bit unstable...

Heading to the north pole!

It looks cold out there...

It looks cold out there…

Taking some surface samples at the north pole

Taking some surface samples at the north pole

It has an unfortunate tendency to get stuck in a flat spin, especially at high altitudes and high airspeeds. Which means I have to abort and use the parachutes (they are there for a reason!). Least it doesn’t fall apart, though, like some earlier attempts…