A KSP update!

by hobbitalastair

It seems a long time since I last wrote about KSP on this blog…

Yesterday, I took some time to install KSP on the Acer, which is now dual-booting Debian 8.1. It’s using the proprietary nVidia drivers – so there was a small performance boost, although it currently ‘only’ has 2GB RAM, which nullified any real performance gains. I’m thinking of perhaps getting some second hand 4GB sticks to put in the Dell, so that the two 2GB sticks in the Dell can be put into the Acer. I’m just unsure as to what I’d do with the two 1GB sticks left over 😦

I hope to be able to spend some more time on the Acer tonight, although I’m quite busy at the moment. I’ve still got to move my existing KSP game across, for starters…

Remaining software tasks:

  • Setting up a backup script of some sort. Done!
  • Making KSP start full-screen on start up. Done!
  • Adding a second monitor. It didn’t work very well, so I’ve abandoned that idea.
  • Moving my KSP game across. Done!

Remaining hardware tasks:

  • Stripping the machine, removing any needless parts, and encasing it in a new case.
  • Soldering the power supply connector in.
  • Adding a second monitor… Maybe, or maybe not. See above…
  • Creating some custom controllers.
  • Making it look cool 😀