It lives!

by hobbitalastair

Dell sent me a new (albeit 6-cell, rather than 9) battery to try. It worked!

So the “Dell issue” has been resolved happily 🙂

Next up for the Dell Vostro 1510 is an installation of Arch. I’m not sure whether to dual boot Windows, dual boot Arch, do a fresh install, or just use the HDD from Steve. At this stage, I’m leaning towards using the HDD from Steve – I don’t expect SSS mk.2 to be finished for quite a while

This does mean that I can consider Steve’s eventual fate. I’m leaning towards making it into a dedicated, air gapped gaming machine, where the “air gap” is achieved via the lack of a wifi or wired connection to the rest of the world. It’ll probably run Debian Jessie with KSP and possibly a few other games – I have considered dual booting Windows Vista – and I hope to create some micro controller based physical controllers, buttons and dials and whatnot.

Regardless, I now have even more projects!