Dell? Dell??

by hobbitalastair

Since I told Dell that the second battery was also broken, I heard this reply:

If this is the case then we shall assume there could be some hardware faults on the system board of your Vostro 1510 system.

I wasn’t ready to accept that as a reply – how come my machine works if given a known good battery, then, and the new battery also does not work in another known good machine? – so I’ve emailed back a few times since then, and still haven’t heard back. My next port of call is to take the time to phone Dell, and ask for an update…

In other news, I’ve been playing around with ozone-wayland, trying to create a PKGBUILD for HEAD that doesn’t download too much. Apparently 22GB is required if you use the method described in the README for the project, which is far too much! ozone-wayland releases only need ~250MB of downloads to build, partially because they are built against a certain release of chromium.

I also looked at Wren – specifically, I asked a question on the google group re creating loadable bindings to C libraries for wren. The answer (at the moment) is “not possible”, but if I have a chance I plan on seeing what I can do with the patch set someone else posted.

I’ve also been making slow but steady progress on SSS mk.2, with “slow” being the key word. I’m hoping that I will have finished it by the end of the year!