Possible retirement options

by hobbitalastair

Not for me – for the laptop that was on loan, until it became mine!

I had intended to replace it entirely, because it has a dodgy power supply. But since I have it, I’ve been considering using it as a dedicated gaming machine, aka an embedded computer in a KSP console. Of course, I really should either finish the iMac project, or throw out the remaining iMac hardware.

It’s just an idea at the moment – much like my other ideas – so I’m unlikely to make any progress.

But it would be a decent way to re-use the hardware.

Some of the ideas:

  • Wire the PSU directly into the laptop to avoid the dodgy power connector.
  • Leave the laptop battery as-is as a backup power supply.
  • Use it as a kiosk machine, ie not internet-connected, so that I don’t have to care to much about the OS changing. Running Debian? Or Arch?
  • Use the other monitor I have stashed in the garage (without a power supply…) as a map view (?). Or as a second monitor; apparently I can just adjust the display resolution to be the width of both monitors. Which might be weird, since both have different resolutions/aspect ratios… and would be complex (two X servers).
  • Hook up an arduino or similar microcontroller, with some keys.
  • Use the existing laptop display as a porthole, ie as the actual monitor for KSP.
  • Add extra lighting, to help avoid eyestrain.
  • Just use the laptop motherboard – discard the trackpad and keyboard. Implant the speakers somewhere. Generally get rid of the rubbishy plastic exterior! But I’d still need a mouse and keyboard, at least until the arduino  supplied all of the key bindings…