A diversion to i-land

by hobbitalastair

To go straight to the point: I’ve been contemplating getting rid of the iMac. Or more specifically, the motherboard, fans, screen, and speakers.

Why, I ask myself? Why?

Well, I’ve been looking at my requirements. And a reasonably power hungry, older, not-very-grunty machine is just… defunct. If I need more power, I’ll fire up my PC. And the laptop I’m using at the moment (on loan) is yet again more powerful. What had I intended to use the iMac for, anyway?

To quote:

The aim for the iMac is to provide a server for compiling software, including for the Toshiba, and to provide a platform for virtual machines.

Given that I now own another machine, it’s even more defunct. Using it as a DistCC node would help, but, honestly, I can’t see any benefit from having an older machine added. Sure, faster compiles are nice, but they already take a short amount of time (half an hour to build a toolchain… on just one computer), so it won’t make a huge difference. And my newer laptop can now handle virtual machines, so the iMac is no longer unique in that regard.

I’m not throwing it out just yet – and I’ll preserve the HDD, newly-enclosed power supply (for another project…), and probably the wifi and bluetooth cards. They might just come in handy…

But when I have a worthy successor, it’ll be sent off to my local recycling company. Without too many regrets.

We’ll see… I may yet have a change of heart!