Hidden (?) PCI devices

by hobbitalastair

Well, it turns out that there are a pair of ‘hidden’ PCI devices on the Toshiba.

Both have a vendor and device ID of ‘0xFFFF’, which is why they don’t show up normally. However, both identify themselves as PCI->ISA bridges, which isn’t very useful…

The first one is at 0000.01.0. It’s a pretty bland device, nothing really interesting… the sub id is 1179:0602, though.

The second exists at 0000.20-31.0. I’ve no idea why it’s mirrored. The sub id is 1179:0001.

I don’t know why these devices exist, or what they are for. Neither of them looks like a disc controller, although 0000.01.0 would be the obvious choice. And they are not Piccolo devices…

I’d be interested if anyone has any idea!