Tentative SSS progress

by hobbitalastair

Well, I’ve made some progress on SSS2. I think.

I’ve mostly been working on implementing the testing framework so I can have the degree of safety automated testing provides. Along with that, I’ve come across a couple of posts about CM systems in general, that I think are relevant to what I’m trying to do. Specifically, the part on the ideal management system is pretty close to what I’m trying to achieve – I hope to glean some ideas from it as to what I need.

I’ve also been considering how best to implement the recipes – the files that describe what the system needs to do to find out and change the current ‘state’ of the system. Currently I’m just executing some scripts and using standard argument passing and so forth to communicate. That’s ugly, but it works. I went looking for alternatives and discovered that, since Go does not support dynamic module loading, I’m going to have to stick with it. However, I may resort to using a more complicated argument passing layer instead – either encoding the arguments, or passing them as environmental variables, or through a couple of pipes, or something else like that.

So, progress is being made. Slowly. I’ll get back to it now…