KSP 1.0

by hobbitalastair

And I return to KSP! Albeit only for a look at the latest release…

Now how do I get down?

Climbing is fun, at least until you fall off!

They’ve added a lot. And tweaked quite a few things. Flying planes is now much more fun, and less buggy. It’s possible to burn up a spacecraft on re-entry (not only possible, but easy!). Female Kerbals. That’s probably all that I’ve encountered! Oh yes – and tourists 🙂

At least they survived :)

Tourism is a growing business!

I’ve launched a new game – in KSP, that is – to take advantage of the new features. It’s also so I don’t have to worry about how my various space craft were going to get back through the atmosphere without burning up!

Progress has been slow – I haven’t orbited yet. However, I’ve been taking tourists on various flights, which has proved to be quite entertaining 🙂

I’ve had fun flying a space plane around, too – more details in a future post! It’s been flying around doing science, which is proving to be cheap, although taking off is sometimes more difficult than you would imagine 😦

Nope; I'll need to improve my astronaut's training first.

A cactus! I wonder whether I can take a sample?