More Toshiba progress

by hobbitalastair

Well, since my last update, I’ve managed to progress still further.

With regard to the hard drive, I’ve made a little progress. I can now log over a serial cable, which is good – that will let me view the full boot output, including any relevant messages from the drivers. I’ve tried pata_isapnp, which works, so now I know that both pata_legacy and pata_isapnp are options. However, I have yet to try again with the piccolo driver – my machine that I’m using for kernel compilation is currently not booting reliably, and has refused to boot into that particular partition for the last couple of days…

Meanwhile, ACPI now (mostly) works. It supports everything natively except for the hard drives and backlight, which is annoying, but I can live without it. toshiba_acpi adds backlight support, so that base is covered, and I think I could add custom backlight support via a new DSDT, which would allow me to ditch toshiba_acpi. If I felt like it, anyway…

Suspend and resume are also not yet working, but I have yet to try debugging that.

Future plans are to rebuild the kernel and figure out why pata_piccolo does not work, debug suspend/resume, and add native backlight support to the DSDT, at least once I can get iasl to work. Finally, I intend to write a framebuffer driver for the CT65555 chip – there is an existing, more modern driver for a CT9* chip, and an older driver that has been removed for a slightly different version of the CT65555. Since I have the documentation, that should be enough for me to pull together a driver 🙂

I also have some funds, so I’ve been considering either buying the parts to try to make a CF->IDE convertor. Or purchasing some rather expensive EDO RAM…

Expect an update before the end of the year 🙂