Terasology – more minecraft madness

by hobbitalastair


I like the fact that holding a torch lights up the surrounding area...

Terasology at night

Which leads to some interesting effects.

Torches also give light as they are thrown…

Terasology is a Minecraft-like game. Yup – yet another. Like Voxelands, Minetest, Freeminer, Infiminer (although technically Infiminer came first), blackvoxel, and so on. Here’s an incomplete list I found on Reddit.

So, what makes it different?

Not much that I could tell from 15 minutes. It has a different crafting method. Rendering is much more fancy, with associated performance drop. It’s designed to be modded, unlike Voxelands, but like Minetest and Freeminer. It still feels very incomplete, though.

Really, I think I won’t try any more clones. I’ve tasted enough to know that, really, if you are that interested, the ~$25US for the real game is probably a better investment. Unless you have an older computer, of course. Whereupon you might just consider something like Craft. And if you can’t run that… you possibly need to give up, and find alternative sources of entertainment. Like coding.

For myself, I’m not sure. $25 seems a lot for something that I probably won’t even play much, when there are lots of other games out there that I enjoy. I might as well keep my game selection to a size where I’m likely to play all of them at least once a year…

And, it could be better spent on some other stuff 🙂


  • Better graphics than Voxelands. I especially like the torches throwing light when held…
  • Plants move in the ‘wind’.


  • Slow. As in ten FPS at lowest settings on my loaned laptop, using 1.5GB of RAM…
  • No real improvement, and you have to install ‘millions’ of mods to see anything that might resemble Minecraft or Voxelands.
  • Requires Java 😦