by hobbitalastair


As long as nobody throws any stones...

My house 🙂

Voxelands is a Minecraft style game. This probably says a lot…

The basic gameplay is pretty simple: do stuff. Wander around. Explore. Survive. Avoid the massive hordes of wolves. Generally avoid things that go ‘bonk’ in the night. Avoid falling into massive cave systems, with no hope of getting out alive because your pathetic wooden axe broke the first time you tried to use it.

If you manage that… well… build houses? Explore?

I guess I consider it a bit of an education. After all, I need to have played something vaguely Minecraft-like, right? 😉



  • Open world Minecraft style game.
  • It takes a while to play… absorbs time, more like.


  • Open world Minecraft style game. There are at least 4 open source clones that I’ve found…
  • A little buggy. Note the glass on the roof…
  • Glass rendering is a little… funky.
  • I’d prefer my house to be airtight. That’s what happens when you make it out of large blocks, though…
  • I can’t find any Mush, which apparently is essential for farming 😦
  • Few animal types. Although the fireflies are ‘cute’. Especially once trapped inside a jar – cue evil laughter…
  • My house is surrounded by wolves!
  • It generally could do with some polish. But, it’s open source – that’s what I am here for! 🙂