Hedgewars, although lacking in hedges

by hobbitalastair

Here’s the obligatory photo:

Original URL: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Commandkey_hedge.png

Command key hedge, from Wikicommons

Just joking…


Hedgewars in action!

Hedgewars is a shooter/strategy game (defined by Wikipedia as a “turn based strategy artillery game”).

It’s fairly simple – try to kill the other ‘hedgehogs’ before they kill all of yours. I believe there are more modes, but I’ve only explored that one…

It’s good for light entertainment, and there are a few strategical elements. But nothing too tricky. Really, best for passing the time!

Personally, I’d play this if I didn’t feel like the effort required to play other, more strategical, games. It’s kind of equivalent to watching TV, except you are doing some interaction with the game.

I’ll be keeping this installed for when I feel the need to pass some time, but otherwise, there are more interesting games.


  • Simple!
  • Snazzy artwork 🙂
  • Fast gameplay.


  • Controls aren’t particularly obvious.
  • AI is accurate, but not inventive.
  • It’s a fairly mildly intensive graphical game. By that, I mean it works fine on most machines, but probably won’t be playable on my Toshiba.