Optimised White Rock 1 design breaks records… of successful Munar missions

by hobbitalastair

Well, I’ve spent some time resting of late, due to health problems. Which means that I’ve played a lot of KSP, as well as 0ad, which might feature in a future blog post.

I’ve been working to achieve the eventual goal of a Kerballed (manned) munar mission. I was disappointed by my progress – both of my more recent efforts using my White Rock 1 rocket failed, due to the rocket tipping over on landing, even though the surface was mostly even. As a response to that, I tweaked my rocket, resulting in a slightly heavier, slightly more powerful, design:

On a pillar of smoke...

White Rock 2, shortly after takeoff

Basically, it is the same as the old design, but swaps the older, vertical lander, for a design which is more compact and, importantly, broader:

Short and squat..

White Rock 2 lander, orbiting the Mun

This means that it is less prone to tipping over!


Since then, I’ve completed several Munar missions!


A Munar landing!

There was also some spectacular re-entry visuals, since I’m using slightly more modern hardware that can cope… which might feature in a later blog post.

Thin legs...

A slightly modified White Rock 2 lander, on another patch of the Mun

Pretty flames...

A near miss