Manned munar mission

by hobbitalastair


Using a Kerballed version of my White Rock 2 rocket, pioneered in this post, I’ve managed to place Hallas Kerman on the Mun.


Note the streamlined, if heavier, body...

Hallas underway!

Note the streamlined rocket design… which did get an unmanned test flight first.

"High above the world..."

Hallas looks rightly nervous…

EVAs have gone badly before…

The Mun is getting bigger

The Mun is getting bigger

He's a smart one!

Looking very nervous…

Well... there's good reason to be nervous, really, given my prior space walks!

No reason to be nervous… look, the vessel is right next to you!

Mine, too!

Hallas’s view


Luckily, Hallas remembered to pack a ladder

One (large, gulp!) leap for Kerbal kind…

Due to an economy drive, only two lights were present…

He looks much happier now, doesn't he?

He looks much happier now, doesn’t he?

Well, why not?

A flag!

My, what a big rock...

My, what a big rock…

It was a much longer walk than I intended… although I discovered that Kerbals could fly on the Mun, if I carefully used their EVA suits…


Two orbits later...

Two orbits later…

The ejection sequence is not perfect yet, but I’m not quite sure what hits what, and when…

Another re-entry shot

Another re-entry shot

I did a pair of aerobraking orbits before landing, just to make sure that re-entry wasn’t too exciting.


Safe and sound!

Back at home!