SSS with added go

by hobbitalastair

Given that I thought I’d try to implement SSS Mk.2 in Go, I decided to do some research into the performance and portability of Go code. The results are somewhat promising:

  • Go code will compile for Pentium-MMX and up with the default Go compiler, which also supports ARM. Any ‘funny’ architectures should be covered by gcc’s go backend.
  • A minimal Go runtime (a sleeping app) takes 0.7MB of RSS on my system – that’s quite a bit lighter than even a minimal Lua runtime, which takes around 2MB.

Generally, this should be more than light enough to run well on the Toshiba. Although I wouldn’t want the whole system to be go centric – .7MB is still quite large for a statically compiled minimal application. Unix ‘sleep’ takes up .6MB on my system…