Happy Holidays

by hobbitalastair

Holidays are nearly here!

Well, almost. Several weeks away, in fact. But I’m looking forward to them 🙂

I have been doing some planning, however. The plan so far involves:

  • Creating the iMac case
  • Working on my syncing system, specifically the mk.2 version
  • Bringing cling to a state of basic completion
  • Work on the specialised distro for my Toshiba

Of course, there are other goals as well, but they are outside the scope of this blog 🙂

I’ll see how far I get…

I’ve also managed to make some progress on cling. To date, I’ve added the very basic functionality, and have cleaned it up. The next steps are to finish cleaning the current code up, write some tests, write some CLI binaries using libcling to test that I have the basics covered, and then release 1.0!

Good progress so far 🙂