Networking woes – Double NAT, port forwarding, and DHCP

by hobbitalastair

Networking is a pain :(.


I’ve intended to set up port forwarding for ssh, so that I can access my ‘master’ computer – currently, my Pi – from outside. This would allow me to access my computer from, say, the University network – allowing me to work on projects back at home. Currently, I have to remember to use Unison before I leave…

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck.

The setup that I use consists of a router (Thompson ST536 v6) connected to an Airport Extreme, which acts as a switch and also reserves dhcp addresses for my computers.

So far, I have tried:

  • Double port forwarding – no joy
  • Setting the Thompson to bypass mode – the Airport refused to play ball

I have to include the Airport, because the Thompson’s firmware is rubbish and will not handle dhcp reservations…

On the other hand, I have succeeded in the face of greater odds before… although on a decidedly simpler setup.


Which brings me to my potential saviour:


Avahi is similar to Bonjour for Apple computers. What I was really interested in was it’s ability to act as DNS – without the need for a central DNS server. Simplicity with redundancy, maybe?

I’ll continue to ponder what I am going to do…