Acer Aspire 3000 – another dead laptop

by hobbitalastair

Well, I’ve bought another piece of junk home. Not completely unexpected…

And it’s only temporary…


Note the scratches

Acer Aspire 3000, back view.

The Acer Aspire 3000 is a plasticy piece of hardware from 2004. It still runs well, except for some important features – given that it is a laptop – like a shot battery and a power connector that needs to be bent at just the right angle to work…

It’s had a few knocks, too. Chips on the corners, fake metal sheen scratched off… missing a few bodywork screws (!).

It was running Arch Linux, added using my system, and browsed the web nicely with Chromium. A bit jerky, but that’s because of the rubbish video drivers… or maybe just my installation (?). 20-30 second boot, as well.

I was going to try Debian on it, however I couldn’t get the power to stay on long enough for the install to finish…


I wanted to try this out as it has a Sempron processor. One of my relatives is (still) running XP on a (I think) a Sempron based PC, and complains that it is slow. I was interested in how fast a Sempron based machine could really be…

This machine is somewhat tricked out, however, with extra RAM. But it shows just how good 10 year old hardware really was (except for the battery…)


  • Mobile Sempron @ 1.7Ghz
  • 1GB DDR (333Mhz) RAM
  • 5GB HDD (originally 40GB, but I’m using that elsewhere…)
  • Debian (for testing purposes)
  • SiS IDE controller, PCI, other…
  • SiSM760GX (?) graphics chip with 128MB shared RAM
  • Broadcom wireless chip (Not working  at the moment)
  • Really dodgy power port and dead battery 😦