Toshiba progress, or not

by hobbitalastair

The Toshiba project has come to a grinding halt – again. I have other things that I consider more important, and the Toshiba project was really only ever supposed to progress after the iMac was completed, and my ‘system’ had been fine tuned.

I did do some research, and the aim has changed slightly:

  • I’ve decided that I want to use musl as the C library. Hopefully, this will not cause too many issues. It does mean that it is no longer a ‘simple’ case of cross-compiling the Arch Linux pkgbuilds – changing the C library introduces a lot of complexity.
  • I wanted to try Busybox, instead of the ‘normal’ GNU userland. Or perhaps, the suckless equivalents.
  • I want to use my favourite tools: pacman and co, systemd, and tools such as unison and lynx.
  • I want a system that, although not Arch Linux, is compatible with most of the Arch Linux pkgbuilds.
  • I need to be able to use my ‘system’.
  • Performance must be “ok”. That is, less than a minute for boot (preferably less than 30 seconds), and less than a second for vim. Python can take up to ten seconds to start, as I will hopefully not be using python for much…

More research is required… but I’ll not try tackling much until I have finished some of my other projects.