The Toshiba, and other things

by hobbitalastair

Looking back from the enlightened future, I will be amused to see what I worked on all those years ago – perhaps even curious, and even inspired to give something another go. I will be interested in how I have changed over the years – how my interests have shifted, how my priorities have changed.

At least, that is how I imagine it.

However, a quick summary of my current projects would not be amiss:



Nothing has happened, or will happen for a while. I have other projects that are more important…



I intend to get around to working on the case sometime this week.


The ‘system’:

The ‘system’ has not yet been introduced here, and will be a subject of a future posts. Let’s just say that it is progressing – I am finding bugs!



cling‘, or perhaps ‘libcling’, is my C project. It is intended to replace cli_helper in my shell scripts, and will hopefully be used in any C projects. I am also considering writing a python binding, but I will only do that if I am feeling adventurous once I have finished.



The intention with fbpoppler is to make a light weight framebuffer PDF viewer, with sensible key bindings – like ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ for changing pages…

Currently, fbpoppler is stalled. I will decide whether or not to return to this after Cling, perhaps as a project to use Cling?


Physics sim:

I love the idea of making a physics sim. A solid-body (spheres only…) sim was the first major project I ever embarked on, and I think that I could take the idea further than I ever did with python. However, this is low on my list of priorities – the ‘system’ comes first, and anything related.