Munar mission – try, try, and try again

by hobbitalastair

< Jeb is sitting in a chair at mission control, flying a probe >

“Hey Bob, have a look at this!”

< Bob wanders over to see what Jeb is up to. He’s holding a mug of coffee >

“What’s up Jeb?”

“I’m doing a short hop on the Mun to the poles – look at those canyons!”

< They both stare at the view provided by the probe’s cameras >



How high are we??

Big hills….

< Bob takes a moment to look at the control panel >

“What’s the small flashing light?”

“What, the low altitude warning light?”

“That one”

< The probe control screen goes black for a second, then reveals a large cloud of smoke >



I don’t have a lot to say about the mission; basically I stuffed up the last stage of the descent and landed a bit hard, blowing up the engine and one of the landing legs. I had landed successfully, but I touched down in the wrong area – where I had already been. Given that hopping around would leave me with no fuel left to come home on, I was not expecting to be able to do much – but I did expect to be able to explore at least two biomes and transmit from each…

Oh well – more practice required before the fabled manned munar mission…