Rambling roving

by hobbitalastair

In this post, I mentioned that I had researched rover wheels after my Munar landing and return.

Well, I couldn’t research a new toy without playing with it, could I?

How did he climb up there?

Rover just after launch

Whoa, 2011? KSC was around back then?

Hallas investigating a historical monument

No speeding...

Hallas roving around R&D

Getting Hallas into the ‘unmanned vessel’ was challenging: the rover tended to roll down the runway, outrunning Hallas. Come back…!

My rather contrived solution involved a long ladder and a determined Kerbal jumping to reach the ladder, since the rover was suspended in midair. This was required because I have yet to research toothpicks – er, LT-5 micro landing struts.

Jump Hallas, jump!

Hallas considering his entry options…