First Contracts (Post)

by hobbitalastair

Kerbal Space Program recently released update .24 – titled First Contracts. As I understand it, the update added Contracts and Funds to the game, as well as several other minor features and bug fixes.

An ex-spaceplane - luckily unmanned

An ex-spaceplane – luckily unmanned

The current selection of modes now looks like this:

  • Sandbox (No Science, Contracts, or Funds)
  • Science (Science, no Contracts or Funds)
  • Career (Science, Contracts, and Funds)

The old selection looked like this:

  • Sandbox (No Science, Contracts, or Funds)
  • Career (Science, no Contracts or Funds)

My old saves (which were ‘Career’ saves) where converted to the new ‘Career’ mode when I first ran the game. Because I wanted to keep my current main save as Science only, I needed to convert it back into pure Science mode. To do this, I created a new Science game as a reference, and compared it to my main game. The following changes needed to be made to the persistent.sfs file:

  • Mode setting: Changed from CAREER to SCIENCE_SANDBOX (I also changed the Title setting from CAREER to SCIENCE_SANDBOX).
  • Removal of the ContractSystem scenario
  • Removal of the Funding scenario

Making a backup before the edits would be a good idea 😉

If there is a problem loading a game, the program will do nothing when the ‘Resume Saved’ button is pressed. A game reload is also required before the changes take effect.